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Damascus Maryland Homes For Sale : Prime Location in Another Montgomery County City

Author: Fernando Herboso / Category: German Town Maryland Homes, Germantown Maryland Homes, Milestone, Restaurants

Damascus Maryland Homes For Sale : Prime Location in Montgomery County

Located in the northern part of Montgomery County Maryland adjacent to Germantown and Clarksburg.  the city of Damascus was designed as a traditional American city with lots of open spaces and neighborhoods friendliness where people of all ages can feel at home. 

Don’t let the median price of a home in the Montgomery County Maryland area fool you.  It is true that the median value of homes in many areas are highers that other counties in Maryland. .but in the Damascus area you will find the lowest prices fro single family houses, townhouses and even condos.

Damascus Maryland homes for sale are very far in between, and the ones priced correctly seem to remain active for just a few days. .

See video for an amazing opportunity for Damascus MD

Many new-comers, retirees and people relocating for jobs have seen the value of Damascus Maryland and all have been attracted to the  area because of how inexpensive homes are here. .

This year, I have talked with a few families that are relocating because of the value the city offers

“These are parts of Montgomery County MD in which homes really are pretty inexpensive”  

Let’s look at some single family homes in the areas of Gaithersburg, Germantown and even Clarksburg . .  Let’s compare sales of all single-family homes in the last six months and you will see a huge difference in price for homes in Damascus and a lot bigger land for each property!

If you do decide to look at Damascus Maryland real estate, we have local  Buyer’s Agent  that is ready to work for you.

damascus homes

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What a House Sold In My Neighborhood? for Germantown Maryland Homeowners

Author: Fernando Herboso / Category: German Town Maryland Homes, Germantown Maryland Homes, Milestone

What a House Sold In My Neighborhood?

(For Maryland Homeowners)

Are you wondering “What a house sold for in your neighborhood?” 
As a broker for a real estate company, I hear this question most often. .
People want to know what are the values up to in their respective neighborhoods. 

Understanding that market value is the only relevant value once you are ready to sell. What other houses sold for inside your neighborhood may not truly indicate the real value for your own home

To estimate the market value of your home, outside of using a full appraisal that may cost you around the $500 range is to  use “comparables.” 
This is how appraisers do it anyway. You must find someone that is willing to find at least three similar homes nearby that have sold within the last six months and obtain a value opinion from them

The experience of a real estate agent with access to the multiple listing service is paramount here. ..

“critical mistakes because of inexperience – being unfamiliar with the neighborhood could lead you to make the wrong  decisions if you want to sell or refinance your house”

Appraisals in our circles are known to be an inexact science. You may have two similar homes with different values just because of their location, their condition and the market condition at the time when the value is generated.

What a House Sold In my Neighborhood?

My advice is to better find a real estate agent on your own, and ask “How much is my house worth?” 
Find one that has experience and simply ask: if they can do a “market analysis” of your house value. 
Normally this is free, with the agent taking this opportunity and hoping to impress you and get your business in case you decide to sell your house soon after
But often-times we know that most people are just curious and just want to know. . . 

What a House Sold In Their Neighborhood?

Do what I do. .as a broker 
  • I want to keep the value of my own home in check. .
  • I want to know what houses are selling and what houses are not selling. ..
  • I want to know who is moving out and who is moving in
  • I want to know if any of my neighbors are selling their homes incognito as a short sale
  • I want to know if any of my neighbors have tried to sell and couldn’t 
  • I want to have an idea of the value of my home to see if I should consider refinancing. .
For that, I do a simple thing. 
I subscribe t an email alert that sends me an automatic  message the minute someone has listed their home, has SOLD their home, has changes the price of their home or has put it under contract.
This system will generate a daily email only if there is something new to report for your neighborhood

I will be glad to do this for you. . 
Even if you do not  want to sell your house. .
This is a free service we provide to Maryland Homeowners so we provide a glimpse in the quality of our services. .
With no obligation. .and no hassle. .of course!

I just ask you for one thing. .just be fair to us. .
Give us a chance to COMPETE for your listing if you ever want to sell your home.

Sign up in the form by clicking the picture below and we’ll do the rest for you


Thank you!

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New Construction Single Family Homes In Clarksburg Maryland

Author: Fernando Herboso / Category: German Town Maryland Homes, Germantown Maryland Homes, Restaurants

New Construction Single Family Homes In Clarksburg Maryland  Under $500,000

Alexandria County Homes

You would be surprised what you can buy under $500,000 in Clarksburg Maryland. 

As of the start of the Summer 21013, I discover only 15 new homes in Clarksburg MD for sale under $500,000

From those, only 4 are single family homes
First let’s look at where these homes are located?

The bulk of all the new homes in Clarksburg  are located in Clarksburg Village.  There are a few in Park Ridge and a few more available in Gallery Park and Clarksburg Town Center

If you are looking to buy new construction home in this area, you need to make a decision what neighborhood to live in?
A lot of people made decisions before based on salesperson tactics that will fit their quota rather than your life style

I met such a family before where in the Summer time are unable to use a community pool while the people across the street are members of good standing

If they had carefully planned and consulted with an expert in New construction for Clarksburg Maryland  they would have know that their neighborhood builder had no plans in building a new pool for its residents
We advocate for you to consult with a Real Estate Agent before you visit a high pressure sales center from one builder

Obtain the facts and trust the expertise of professional guidance.. 

Before buying a new home in Clarksburg MD

otherwise. .
You may find yourself pool-less in the Summer time regretting your decision to allow someone else to choose the place you will call home in the near future. .

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Buy My House from Germantown MD to Manassas VA – Sell Your House FAST – CASH

Author: Fernando Herboso / Category: German Town Maryland Homes

Buy My House in Manassas – Sell Your House FAST – CASH

Lets say you find yourself in a situation where you may be faced with the state where you have to sell your house fast. 

The reason being  due to bankruptcy, inheritance or an approaching foreclosure. So, how do you make sure that you get the best transaction and the top price at such times? 

Before, many Maryland , DC and Virginia homeowners had to connect with investors everywhere….

In some cases they were compel to call on those telephone pole signs to sell their home for cash and fast. .

At least that was the perception. .

Haste does make waste, but it need not necessarily be so under such circumstances with a little time, being prudent and careful you may  consider the following points.

You must be mentally prepared to sell your property fast. This will not be easy to arrive to such a decision. .
In the past, paying a commission to a third party exposed sellers into abiding to telephone pole investors. .

Not anymore. .


Our Easy Process

  • You contact us 
  • We evaluate by phone
  • We meet to complete a detailed house history data form
  • We present it to over 1000 of local investors in our database
  • We bring you 3 offers
  • You pick the best offer

We take care of the rest

By giving us a quick phone call. . you are surely on the right path to selling your property quickly and getting the right price for it. 
Let us  help you create a competitive bid for your house to assure yourself in getting the highest possible price. 



Buy My House in Manassas – Sell Your House FAST – CASH 

General Information about selling your house fast and for cash

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does this home buying program works?
A: We do not have a “one size fits all” program. We first  need to discuss your situation  and analyze your property in order to determine if you are the right candidate to receive the 3 offers
All situations are unique and must be dealt with care and understanding. .
Our easy process is as follows

  • You contact us by calling 301-246-0001
  • We evaluate your situation on the first call by phone
  • We then meet to complete a detailed house history data form, to take pictures and review your overall situation.
  • We then present it to over 1000 of local investors in our database highlighting the opportunity and urgency of the matter
  • Our next step is when we bring you at least 3 offers for you to consider with no obligation from your part
  • You pick the best offer and approve of our involvement to help you finalize it
  • We take care of all the details and you get paid

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Damascus Maryland Home Listings Updates : Featuring All Available Houses For Sale

Author: Fernando Herboso / Category: German Town Maryland Homes, Germantown Maryland Homes, Milestone, Restaurants

Would You Like Me To Send You An Alert Immediately After a New Foreclosure is Listed in DAMASCUS MARYLAND?…For Free?

From The Desk of Maxus Realty Broker 
Damascus Maryland Home Alert System
Dear Friend,
As you are aware, we are under an information revolution that affects everything inside our lives. If you have started on a home search, you have already experienced the best and the worst of this information overload using the Internet
  • Outdated listings
  • Foreclosure Paid Memberships
  • Listings with no pictures
  • Misleading listings to get your attention
  • Short Sales disguised as regular sales
  • Refreshed overpriced listing showing as newly listed
  • Missing important information - half truths

“The quality of listing information you are seeking for . .is proportional to the quality of the home you will end up purchasing”
If you want to know all the new status updates, all the new foreclosures listed, all the new short sales listed  all the new regular sales listed and all the new up and coming homes for sale  happenings in your desired location with BIG PICTURES and CLEAR and CONCISE INFORMATION
The wait is over.. 
Let me introduce you to our newest enhancements to our website ReallyNiceHomes.com 
Where we place a special emphasis on homes recently added to the market and price reductions. We figured this is a key area if you are looking for the best deal out there.
We feature only types of homes that are within your criteria so will not experience that information overload.
Where you will immediately know as soon as a price reduction is posted on a property that you have as your favorite. . . as opposed others listing providers ignoring of the fact.
We know YOU WANT to know about those kinds of things as soon as possible!
Here’s What This Is All About  
 We want to provide you with a clean fresh look on your home search process.
No ads, no high pressure, no adwords to click and steer you away from your intended purpose. .
No choices between Realtors, Loan officers and mortgage rates.
Just a Clean Layout With a Great Emphasis 
To Your Personal Needs. . 
“I’m absolutely convinced that our method is the best way to quickly know when a new listing of a single family home for sale that fits your criteria is listed as a home for sale in Damascus Maryland“ 
Let our eMail alert system put you in the driver’s seat of your home search process.. 

I invite you to get started below:



Looking for the value of your Damascus Home? 
“If accuracy matters to you. .it matters to us”

 It’s time for service with a cherry on top.

If you’re serious about buying a new home, then you’ll need true real estate professionals to help you find the perfect home on the market for the best price while selling your existing house for the most profit. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place.

Our experienced team of agents use a combination of the most advanced online real estate tools in the market today with tried and true techniques that consistently help to make your house sell for more and ensure you find your dream home for the best possible price.

Get Started Now!

Damascus Maryland Home Listings Updates : 

Featuring All Available Houses For Sale

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Damascus Maryland Homes For Sale : MLS Listings for 20872

Author: Fernando Herboso / Category: German Town Maryland Homes, Germantown Maryland Homes, Milestone, Restaurants

Damascus Maryland Homes For Sale 20872

See video for an amazing opportunity for Damascus MD

Damascus MD is located upper North of Montgomery County. Its residents enjoy many community amenities that beautifully complement life in the Washington Metropolitan area.
Damascus is a family-friendly community with new public parks and schools to accommodate the city.
Call us today if you are relocating to Damascus MD for our specials relocation package that involves community highlights, transportation and homes for sale.

Damascus Maryland Homes SAMPLE Listings For Sale 

  • MLS MC8056430
  • SqFt. 4,858
10400 MOXLEY ROAD, Damascus MD 20872

10400 MOXLEY ROAD, Damascus

Lovely Horse Farm! Beautiful Colonial home kitchen with all the upgrades Brazilian cherry floors, screened & wrap porches. 10 sta…
  • Beds 4
  • Baths 3.0
  • MLS MC7909558
9513 GREENEL ROAD, Damascus MD 20872

9513 GREENEL ROAD, Damascus

Complete renovation from top-to-bottom! Gourmet chef’s kitchen, 6 burner gas stove, large center island, main level bedroom & full…
  • Beds 6
  • Baths 6.0
  • MLS MC8040609
  • SqFt. 6,868
DAMASCUS HILLS, Damascus MD 20872


To-be-built. Call for delivery! Craftmark’s oakmont floorplan,brick front,2-car garage. Damascus overlook features estate homes on…
  • Beds 4
  • Baths 5.0
  • MLS MC7757753
  • SqFt. 5,136
DAMASCUS HILLS, Damascus MD 20872


To-be-built. Call for delivery! Craftmark’s oakmont floorplan,brick front,2-car garage. Damascus overlook features estate homes on…
  • Beds 4
  • Baths 5.0
  • MLS MC7757691
  • SqFt. 5,12

MORE Damascus Maryland Homes For Sale 

    10732 MIDDLEBORO DRIVE, Damascus MD 20872

    10732 MIDDLEBORO DRIVE, Damascus

    Lucky you, to have found this beautifully maintained split colonial in sought after, Spring Garden Estates. Gleaming hardwood flo…
    • Beds 4
    • Baths 3.0
    • MLS MC8013799
    • SqFt. 2,807
    10917 LONGMEADOW DRIVE, Damascus MD 20872

    10917 LONGMEADOW DRIVE, Damascus

    Enjoy spectacular sunsets from the front porch of this lovely colonial in the heart of the Damascus school cluster! Four bedrooms,…
    • Beds 4
    • Baths 3.0
    • MLS MC8100837
    • SqFt. 1,980
    24400 FOSSEN ROAD, Damascus MD 20872

    24400 FOSSEN ROAD, Damascus

    Show stopping ranch on .43 ac. backing to park. Home offers 3 BR on main level, vaulted ceilings in LR & KT. French doors leading…
    • Beds 3
    • Baths 3.0
    • MLS MC8107792
    9501 FAITH LANE, Damascus MD 20872

    9501 FAITH LANE, Damascus

    Get out of the summer heat and into your new home with private pool. Pristine home on 3/4 ac lot has an open floorplan, renovated …
    • Beds 3
    • Baths 3.0
    • MLS MC8099722
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