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Disabled Maryland Veterans Mortgage Program 3% Fixed Rate Plus $5000 Down Payment Help

Author: Fernando Herboso / Category: Milestone

Disabled Maryland Veterans Mortgage Program

Great News for Maryland Veterans!

PURPOSE: To help disabled military veteran home buyers to purchase a home by offering a lower- than-market interest rates.
If you are a disabled Veteran in the State of Maryland, you may qualify to receive special rates to purchase your new home. 
The interest rates are conventional and Government insured loans.The current rate offered at the time of this post is:

The program is open to honorably discharged disabled veterans. Veteran status will be confirmed by submission of a Certificate of Release or Discharge From Active Duty form (DD-214). Qualification for a VA loan is not required. For purposes of this Program, a disabled veteran is defined as one with a 30% or greater disability.

Anywhere in the State of Maryland


PLUS $5,000 in Down Payment Assistance (DPA) from the Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP) in the form of a zero percent deferred loan. This can be combined with funds from applicable MMP Partner Match programs and available assistance from local jurisdictions


Starting 3/26/2014, the program will continue through 5/30/2014


This is a limited program. .
Click on the link below to register and a professional loan officer will contact you immediately to help you apply for this great program

military relocation specialists
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First Time Home Buyers Grants and Programs in Maryland

Author: Fernando Herboso / Category: German Town Maryland Homes, Milestone
There is absolutely no reason why anyone who has decent employment and wants to buy a home today 
. .couldn’t do it.
The reason why people say buying is better than renting is simply because it is true!
You are paying a mortgage anyway!
I can assure you. You are better off paying your own mortgage that your landlord’s. . 
What if you don’t have the money for the down payment?

If your funds are low and saving for a down payment has become very difficult, you are in luck if you want to live in Maryland today

Our state government of Maryland along the county & city governments, have the funding available to help
and assist you as a first time home buyer . . . 
and purchase your first home today.
The reason why they want to help you is that they want to stimulate the economy and they have allocated lots of money to help first time home buyers in the form of cash, down payment assistance, gifts and/or credits . . all of which could decimate the money you will need to buy a home today!

What if you are having issues with your credit?

That is another obstacle that can easily be fixed if you are working with the right people that wants to make it happen

If you have a genuine desire to become a homeowner in 2014, all you have to do is raise your hand by clicking the picture below

first time home buyers
I’m so certain that my team of professionals can help you buy a home in 2014 that:

I’m willing to give you a personal guarantee!
If my team can not help you obtain a mortgage to buy a home in 2014. . .
I will pay you five hundred dollars ($500.00) for your trouble. (call us for details) 


If you are tired of people overlooking you with indifference the second your application becomes an issue that needs lots of work. . .
This is the opportunity you have been waiting for!
Clcik on the picture below and take your first step  that will make a huge different to your financial freedom 3 -5 -10 years from now
first time home buyers

First Time Home Buyers Grants and Programs in Maryland 

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Preparing Your Germantown Home To Sell Kitchen Remodeling Tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

Author: Fernando Herboso / Category: German Town Maryland Homes, Germantown Maryland Homes, Milestone, Restaurants

Preparing Your Home To Sell

The kitchen is one of the most focal points for buyers when looking at homes
A kitchen is family and family hangs around kitchens
Is the heart of any house after all. ..
When preparing your home to sell, the kitchen should be  priority #1
Here are five tips taken form a survey created by Houzz.com asking prospecting buyers
What are the most important things they desire in a kitchen

The top five are below. .

Don’t get carried away,.
Consult with your real estate agent before spending thousands of dollars if you are renovating your kitchen to sell your home soon.
There are companies that offer exclusive design services like IntegratedKitchens.com 
I always figure the return on the investment based on condition, location and comparables around my client’s neighborhood.

Ask your agent to do the same for you.

In some cases remodeling your  kitchen may not be such a good idea.

Always try to maintain yourself neutral with light colors if you wan to appeal the masses.
Introducing a new bright color like yellow, red or blue can be a turn off to people that do not like yellow, red or blue. . instead introduce removable accents like flower pots, light fixtures or wall decorations.

If you re considering selling your home soon, give us a call for a quick consultation how to prepare your home to sell

or just simply go to:


Intelligent Real Estate Services

                                   Kitchen Remodeling Tips 

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4 Reasons Why Short Sales Are On Their Way Out | Short Sales Germantown Maryland 2014

Author: Fernando Herboso / Category: Germantown Maryland Homes, Milestone, Restaurants

4 Reasons Why Short Sales Are On Their Way Out 

 Short Sales Maryland 2014

Behind on your mortgage payments on 2014?        
4 Reasons why short sales are on their way out       

As many know, a short sale is born out of a need when a distressed homeowner realizes that there is no other recourse; either let the lender foreclose or ask the lender to approve a short sale.

Facing foreclosure can be overwhelming and scary, and many people have decided to do something about it to save their credits and not fall into the financial ruin of a foreclosure.
“…but your time maybe running out. .

If you are following the latest  news about the “Mortgage Debt Relief Act” in 2014  this Government help is no longer available for you and was allowed to expire at the end of 2013

To see 3 more reasons WHY:
 Short Sales Are on Their Way Out. .. watch the video below

A Short Sale can be accomplished by negotiating with your lender to resolve your situation and solve a burden for the homeowner and also solve a burden for the lender.

You may still have time in 2014. .

Rather than  waiting for the lender to take control of your situation, you need to take charge with a short sale and  get control of the situation for you and your whole family 

The key to success in a short sale is to follow a simple plan
The A-B-C Plan. .

How to qualify for a short sale in Maryland?        

3 Main areas that are considered to qualify for a short sale

  • Financial Hardship
  • A Monthly Shortfall 
  • Insolvency 
If you are considering a short sale in 2014, we have the process for you!

My team of Realtors, one assistant, an attorney and several supporting staff has developed long lasting relationships with many lenders that allows you to take advantage to short sale your property quickly and remove instantly bad mortgage debt. 
“The strength of our experience and knowledge is invaluable to anyone seeking for a solution”
Please call 301-246-0001 

or go to: 

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